[Jaffa Software]

WimpWorks is a high-quality development environment for RISC OS. Versions after 2.30 are 32-bit compatible for modern machines such as the Iyonix, BeagleBoard, Raspberry Pi, ARMini.

You will receive:

  • A new CD with a 32-bit compatible version of WimpWorks, which generates 32-bit compatible applications.
  • Recompiled demo applications which will work on the Iyonix.
  • A version of the manual in PDF format.
  • The ability to obtain future upgrades free-of-charge on the upgrade page.

Upgrades from v2.29 or below cost only £9.99 and can be paid by credit card or cheque/postal order. Cheques/postal orders can be sent to us as detailed on the contact page. Upgrades to be paid by credit card require verification that you have a valid version. Please complete the following form and you will be emailed further instructions on how to upgrade within a few days.

For details on how to find your magic number please see the upgrade page. If you can't access it then leave the field blank, however this may result in a slightly longer delay in verification.

The name to which your copy of WimpWorks is registered
Magic word:
An 8-character field unique to your copy of WimpWorks