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WimpWorks FAQ

  1. HEAPSIZE returns a greater value than I wanted from CLAIM.
    Due to differing memory systems between versions of RISC OS and even the same machine with different amounts of memory, CLAIM has to round up to the next boundary. Suffice to say, you will always (assuming the memory is available) get at least the amount of space requested.
  2. I don't want an iconbar icon for my application (like Chars), how do I get this?
    This is actually mentioned in the manual, in your "Start Up" subroutine you need to delete the iconbar icon which WimpWorks has created for you:

    This will delete the icon in the window -2 (the iconbar) whose handle is equal to that of our iconbar icon. Note that WimpWorks will still create the icon, so the info in the Task Editor still needs to be valid (ie. a "real" sprite name etc.)

  3. Is there a Zap or StrongEd mode for WimpWorks? The lack of coloured syntax highlighting is a major omission...
    There is a StrongEd mode available. Unzip this archive over !StrongED.
  4. I try and use LOADFILE but when I run my code I get Unknown function or procedure call.
    You need to include the Starter Pack WEM (the online help for LOADFILE shows it is "...supplied by Starter Pack WEM..."). Open the Task Editor and open the WEMs to include menu and ensure that Starter Pack is ticked. Resave your application.
  5. READ doesn't get the proper stuff from DATA.
    Try putting RESTORE +0 before you try and do the first READ as this will start reading the data from the first DATA statement after the RESTORE.
  6. How can I stop a radio block from being deselected when using the right mouse button (Adjust)?
    Deselecting the active icon in the "Exclusive Selection Group" is the default WIMP behaviour. To workaround this, you can set up a click handler that reselects the icon if the ESG is deselected:
    LOCAL esg%
    esg% = 1
    IF GROUPSTATE(window%, icon%, esg%)=-1 THEN SETSTATE(window%, icon%, 1)

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