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WimpWorks allows anyone with a simple knowledge of BBC BASIC to produce stunning multitasking applications which work with others on the Desktop, from simple clocks upto complete databases!

WimpWorks is based around a system of editors and plug-in components, WEMs. As WimpWorks uses Acorn's own BBC BASIC module, it is fast, conscise and easy. Additionally, all BASIC features, such as dropping down to ARM assembler, are available.

What They Say

Great for beginners

Very easy to use... highly recommended


[Task] After you create or load a project then the Task Editor is opened. Here you set the information which will appear in the "About this program" box, the sprite to put on the icon bar and its position. You can also edit the project's "Messages" file (which allows easy conversion of your program to a foreign language) and its web page. The web page is a local HTML file which can be accessed through the program when a web browser is present. This page can link to your Internet homepage or just be a more graphically appealing help file.

[Window] The Window Editor allows you to create and alter windows, allowing you to manipulate your application's appearance to suit your needs. The window shown is the Icon Editor, this allows you to change the name and contents of an icon, as well as its appearance and behaviour.

[Menu] The Menu Editor is where you define the menus which will appear in your application, using this simple interface complex menu hierarchies can be setup including links to "About this program" and "Save as" boxes. Any menu item can also have a line of BASIC (including any of the new WimpWorks commands) associated with it which will be executed when that menu item is chosen.

[Subroutine]Finally, the Subroutine Editor allows you to create and edit subroutines which respond to one of many events which can occur in a Desktop application, as well as normal functions and procedures that can be called from anywhere in your program. This simple interface is both easy to use and intuitive.

[Help] WimpWorks also includes comprehensive online help for every command added to BBC BASIC, including those added by a WEM.


ActiveApps, a protocol allowing any application to talk, and control, another.
Advanced Features of WimpWorks
Discussion about the more advanced features and capabilities (at a lower level than usually used) of WimpWorks.
Circles with DrawWEM
Victor Markwart explains how to use DrawWEM (the bundled plug in allowing WimpWorks applications to create drawfiles) to draw circles.
Client/server apps
Explores writing client/server systems using ActiveApps, with a case study on WWBounce.
WimpWorks' frequently asked questions.
Linked lists in BASIC
Explores creating linked lists as a data structure, used to store arbitrary number of items.

Prices (all inclusive)

Full version (Single user)   £39.99
Full version (Site licence)   £79.99
Upgrade from WimpWorks v2.29 or below   £ 9.99
Upgrade from WimpBasic, HelixBasic, ArchWay or WimpGen (On receipt of original disk(s))   £19.99 [Online ordering not available]
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