[Jaffa Software]

From v2.30 and above, users of WimpWorks will be able to upgrade to the latest version using this page. If you have v2.29 or below then you will need to pay £9.99 to upgrade to the latest version - this can be ordered online.

Start WimpWorks and load any project (this will allow you to access the "Edit" menu), select Edit > Upgrade and a window displaying the necessary information for the form below will be opened.

Instead of retyping the information, try clicking in a field and then on the relevant Type button in the upgrade window - this will enter the text directly as it is important that the text is entered exactly as shown in the Upgrade window.

The filename you will be prompted to save will probably be something like upgrade.cgi, this is fine - just set its type to &DDC and/or rename it to WWv2.zip (replace '.' with '/' on RISC OS).

Don't copy the unarchived version of WimpWorks over the top of your working version until you can be sure that you correctly typed the name and magic word - if these don't match then WimpWorks will not start.

The name to which your copy of WimpWorks is registered
Magic word
An 8-character field unique to your copy of WimpWorks